Perfect recipe for the perfect evening

21 Apr


Sweet friends red, wine and, good food, this must be the perfect recipe for my perfect evening. Last night I invited my best friends for a lovely dinner at my place. Serving a delicious glass of red wine with every course this was meant to be a great evening. And it was..

Those evenings, sharing wine and inspiring stories with my best friends, absolutely give me that wonderful ‘happy feeling’.


Budapest, i love you.

6 Mar


One thing which really makes me happy is visiting a place i have never been before. Without any expectations i hopped on the plane which would take me to Budapest. When landed i was somewhat shocked by the poverty which still defines the suburbs of the city. But, when i arrived in the centre of the city i simply fell in love head over heels. I had a wonderful weekend visiting beautiful touristy places, enjoying great food and drinking half liters of beer! This little trip once more convinced me that to travel is something which really makes me happy!

Stay young at heart

28 Feb

February 2013 CollageLate night studying always makes my mind wander. This time thinking about the fun i had last sunday while wandering through the beautiful winter scenery with my family and sweet friend. While sledding downhill holding on to my friend and approaching a tree in rapid speed, i realized the importance of staying young at heart. Once in a while it is okay to forget all the adult bull shit and, go out for a sleigh ride, have fun in a bouncy castle or watch a Disney movie. Trust me it will put a big smile on your face..




A Thoughtful Gesture

25 Jan


The last few weeks i have been studying like crazy to past my last exam! I think my dad noticed because today he came home with some freshly squeezed blackcurrant and blackberry juice from the supermarket, especially for me. And guess what, it instantly put a smile on my face. 

– keep up the happy thoughts

New Family Members

20 Jan


Sweet new born babies in my family always make me happy. My mom is the youngest of 10 children, which resulted in me having a whole bunch of mostly elder cousins, who are all married and have children of their own. One big happy family, with my aunts being the sweetest grannies in the whole wide world. Today my family came together to welcome this big boy to our family, my 18th nephew, who is born on november 11, 2012. Spending my sunday afternoon with all these kids around me, made me realize that we can all learn from those little ones, being pure, honest and always enjoying life at its fullest.

Freshly brewed Coffee

18 Jan


Today i decided it is time to share one of my happy things with you, despite of the fact that happy things are scarce when you have to study for your exams. Although, one thing that makes me happy is the fact that, if everything goes according to plan, this is going to be my last exam ever. Of course graduating is quite a big happy thing, but as you know I always aim to find the little happy things in my daily life. My friends know, how i am a huge coffee addict, thus one thing that always puts a smile on my face is the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Therefore, every few hours you can find me enjoying my well earned coffee moment, a little bit of happiness in a cup.

Happy Moments

9 Jan

After my life has been turned upside down in 2011, it just kept tumbling. So when me and my friends counted down the seconds for 2012 to start, i wished quietly for 2012 to only bring me happiness. But now 2012 is over and my world has been turned upside down some extra times, and I realized this is probably how adult life will be. So for 2013 when me and my friends popped champagne and were lighting our sparklers, i figured that happiness is not in what the year will bring, but it is in what you make of it.. So i asked 2013 to bring it on, because i will handle the bullshit it brings and still be happy.

So therefore i will share my happy moments with the world, for all those days where we can use a little bit of extra sunshine, hopefully my happy moments, big or small, can sheer us up!

– Mandy